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Hazel Health

Hazel Health

We’re excited to announce a new health service, Hazel Health, available to our students. All students now have access to virtual doctor visits -- both at school and at home. Please complete the consent form online at for your student to be able to receive the extended health service. We ask that all parents return the consent form by [insert date], whether opting-in or opting-out.

How does it work?

  • At school-When a student is in school, the school nurse or medical staff uses an iPad to help them talk directly with a doctor over live video. Hazel Health doctors can evaluate your student’s symptoms and provide the appropriate type of treatment. Hazel will advise if your student can return safely to class or if additional care is needed.
  • At home-When at home, families can connect with Hazel doctors from any device including mobile. To start your visit, share your child’s health concerns at If medically appropriate, a provider will initiate a phone or video visit with you and your child.

Please contact Hazel directly at (817) 242-9944.